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Despite of the very much availability of the homes and material for the construction of the home buildings, the mobile homes were introduced. In addition to the mobility the other main reason is the affordability. As compared to the budget for solid home the budget for the mobile home is considerably lower. Moreover if you want to get a rental space for the placement of mobile home, you can get on lower rent price.

As the mobile homes can be constructed using different hard and soft metals, therefore, the manufacturers have the option to prepare a mobile home using the lowest priced metal/material. For example if a manufacturer wants to manufacture a wooden mobile home, he can use the lowest priced wood. Moreover with regard to the equipments and accessories to be used in the preparation of this mobile home, the options more than one are with the manufacturer.

The manufacturers of the mobile homes know the financial status and living style of the people of different areas. Thus the manufacturing of the mobile homes for different areas is the result of pre planning. In addition to the affordable price the durability of the material/metal used in the preparation is also considered by the manufacturers. Reasonably solid mobile homes are offered to the customers at easily affordable price.

Since, the trailer on which the mobile home is fitted is used occasionally; therefore the condition of the engine of this trailer is not considerable. A re- conditioned/low priced engine is often used in such trailer. If the mobile home is of the category which is floor fitted one/trailer is not available with the owner for shifting, the company offer the facility of transportation at such time at an amazing low price. A permanently fitted mobile home can be resold also. The mobile homes fitted on the trailers are also resalable. Some companies deal in sale and buying of used mobile homes.

An important quality of the mobile home is its mobility at the time of shifting from one place to other. You have not to bother for a new rental or buying home in the area where you have to shift. You have not spend the money which is compulsory otherwise e.g. commission fee, documentation fee for the sale of old home and buying of a new one. Even if you need a rental the expenses are there.

Due to the mobility of the home, the transportation charges to be incurred on the transportation of your home articles are avoided. Along with all above said benefits of the mobile homes a wonderful benefit is that even at a new place you have the same home. If you are inside the home, you dont feel any discomfort which you can feel if you shift in a new home.

Especially the children are safe from the expected discomforts of a new home. If we compare the mobile residential accommodation to the otherwise residential accommodation particularly at the time of compulsory shifting the mobile residential accommodation is the best one.

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